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Trade Highlights in YaleGlobal Online

Nayan Chanda, Editor

The online magazine, YaleGlobal, explores the implications of the growing interconnectedness of the world by drawing on the rich intellectual resources of the Yale University community, scholars from other universities, and public- and private-sector experts from around the world.

Its aim is to analyze and promote debate on globalization through publishing original articles and multi-media presentations. In this focus on trade, authors explore a range of trade-related issues.

YaleGlobal Online

Settling WTO Disputes without Solving the Problem: Abusing compensation.

Simon J. Evenett, Alejandro Jara December 9, 2014

The WTO’s dispute settlement procedure was set up to help governments challenge policies that contravene WTO agreements.

In this column, trade economist and Yale Ph.D. Simon Evenett and former Deputy Director-General of the WTO, Alejandro Jara, argue that two recent cases show that some can be settled without resolving the problem and sometimes at the expense of other trading partners. This is an abuse of the system and a step backwards for the world trading system.

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The Evolving US View on TPP

Gary Clyde Hufbauer September 2013

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks were launched without fanfare by former President GeorgeW. Bush in March 2008, near the end of his term in office.

But it was President Obama who, in November 2009, committed the US to work with the so-called Pacific Four (P4) countries to create “a regional agreement that will have broad-based membership and the high standards worthy of a 21st century trade agreement.” It is argued in this paper that the motive for engaging in TPP is largely influenced by the rapid rise of China. TPP became Obama’s chosen vehicle tostrengthen the US political-economic footprint in Asia, and avoid being disadvantaged politically or economically by China.

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World Trade Report 2014

Section on The Increasing Importance of Developing Countries in the Global Economy.

The annual World Trade Report aims to deepen understanding about trends in trade, trade policy issues, and the multilateral trading system. In the most recent report, the section on the increasing importance of developing countries in the global economy examines how many countries recorded impressive growth in the last decade while making great strides in reducing poverty. Higher GDP per capita can help to achieve other societal objectives. Given that more trade is associated with faster growth, trade can make it easier to achieve these goals.

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