Peace and Security

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Today, both people and governments recognize that their “national” security is determined in large part by the actions and attitudes of groups and governments far afield. Indeed, the world’s promise can be realized and its perils restrained only through extensive and ambitious cooperation across borders. Ours is a world of shared risks and common opportunities, grounded in the realities of mutual dependence and growing interconnection. All people’s health, security and prosperity depend in part on the quality of their international cooperation. And international cooperation is in the national interest of all states.


Don’t Count on Enhanced Global Governance

Global economic cooperation can help mitigate many economic problems. But it is often difficult to justify, and even more difficult to achieve. This column argues that simple appeals to greater global governance are not likely to have much effect. It suggests that the future of the international economy does depend on the success of international cooperation; but this success in turn requires that governments have realistic expectations about how much can be accomplished at the global level.
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Rethinking the “War on Drugs”:
Insights from the US and Mexico

Illegal drugs are one of the planet’s most pressing problems. They shatter hundreds of millions of lives and wreak untold social, economic and political damage in both consuming and producing nations. In this column, ex-President of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo introduces an eBook he edited on the issue that points very strongly in the direction of a serious reconsideration of drug policy.
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