Global Development

Increasing polarization between the haves and have-nots has become a feature of our world. Reversing this shameful trend is the preeminent moral and humanitarian challenge of our age. In the global village, someone else’s poverty very soon becomes one’s own problem: of lack of markets for one’s products, illegal immigration, pollution, contagious disease, insecurity, fanaticism, and terrorism. Growth is not an end in itself. But it makes it possible to achieve other important objectives of individuals and societies. It can spare people en masse from poverty and drudgery. Nothing else ever has.

Impacts of Covid-19 on Global Development

Covid-19 is taking an enormous toll on global growth and development in terms of people, systems and economies.

The papers here, prepared as part of the work of the Independent Panel, explore some of the most challenging issues of our time.

The Social and Economic Impact of Covid-19 (PDF — opens in new window)

Social Costs of the Covid-19 Pandemic (PDF — opens in new window)

The United States Response to Covid-19: A Case Study (PDF — opens in new window)

Breaking the Resource Curse

Countries with non-renewable natural resource wealth face special opportunities and special challenges.

If used well, these resources can create greater prosperity for current and future generations; used poorly, they can cause economic instability, social conflict and lasting environmental damage. Continue reading about the Natural Resource Charter.

Global Development Through the Years

The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, since its inception, has kept as a central concern the challenge of inclusion in globalization.

Over the years we have done our best to support the formulation and dissemination of ideas on how to enable the world’s poorest and weakest peoples to participate in the benefits of global integration. Our efforts are motivated by a desire to understand globalization and the institutions and policies needed to enhance it as a force for good. The reports below constitute a portion of the body of work of the Center toward these objectives.

Africa at a Fork in the Road: Taking Off or Disappointment Once Again? 2015 (PDF — opens in new window)

Thinking Regionally to Compete Globally: Leveraging Migration and Human Capital in the U.S., Mexico and Central America 2013 (External link — opens in new window)

After the Fall: The Future of Global Cooperation 2012 (PDF — opens in new window)

Repowering the World Bank for the 21st Century 2009 (PDF — opens in new window)

The Growth Report: Strategies for Sustained Growth and Inclusive Development 2008 (PDF — opens in new window)

Making the Law Work for Everyone: Legal Empowerment of the Poor 2008 (PDF — opens in new window)

Trade for Development 2005 (PDF — opens in new window)

Unleashing Entrepreneurship: Making Business Work for the Poor 2004 (PDF — opens in new window)

Financing for Development 2001 (PDF — opens in new window)